The GibbsCAM Migration Tool lets you detect all previously installed versions of GibbsCAM and copy compatible settings and preferences — UI and display settings, custom MDDs and VMMs, HSM settings, bolt and tap table data, macro configuration file, machine models, and so forth — from a specified previous version to the current release. The previous version is not modified.For best results, run the Migration Tool before the first time you start a newly installed release of GibbsCAM. This allows old files to be migrated before they are blocked by new files created in the newly installed version.

Using the Migration Tool

You can launch the tool from the Start menu: GibbsCAM > Migration Tool 2023.x.y.z. To run this tool with Administrator privileges (recommended), navigate to its parent folder (default C:\Program Files\CAMBRIO\...\Bin\), right-click the filename GibbsMigrationTool.exe,and choose context menu option Run as administrator.

1. The first dialog lets you scan your system for installed versions of GibbsCAM, select one from the list, and check it for compatibility.

2. The second dialog shows you the files that can and cannot be copied forward to the current release. Appropriate restrictions are respected if Administrator privileges are lacking.


There is no ability to migrate plug-ins or material databases from previous releases.However, settings for Plug-In Manager can be migrated.