Legacy EDM is no longer installed with GibbsCAM 22/23. However, if you install version 14, then you can copy the EDM folders from version 14 to version 22/23 and it should work as before.

There are 2 folders to copy. “Plugins\EDM” from the Program Files folder and “EDM” from the Program Data folder.

When launching, if error appears:  "Unable to load a windows control.  A required OCX is probably missing or corrupted."

Follow the instructions below:

This error is caused when one of the windows controls that EDM uses has not been installed properly. Our installer should handle this, but in this case a control fails to register with windows. There are 2 ways to solve it. You can try re-installing or registering the controls manually.

Reinstalling will be the easiest way.

If reinstalling does not work I would recommend trying to register the controls manually. I have included a file to help with this.

You can retrieve your file by clicking the link below. If you are not able to click this link please copy and paste the entire line into the address field of your internet browser.


You will need to be logged in with an administrator account.

You need to open a command prompt, in Administrator Mode by right clicking on the command prompt launcher and telling it to "Run as Administrator".
• Change directories to Program Files\3D Systems\GibbsCAM… down into the version of Gibbs that you are running
• Go into the Plugins Folder, then into the EDM folder. This is where the windows controls are installed.
• Copy the attached file into this folder.
• Rename it from .fix to .bat
• Run the bat file (just type RegisterEDM at the command prompt)
You should see it saying something like “windows control registration successful” once for each of the controls.
 That should fix this issue.