We have trouble with the selection of features , lines , and dots.   The selection is very touchy and makes it hard to actually select a dot.  Secondly when trying to select the side of geometry that you want a tool path picked from, it makes it almost impossible to toggle between the 3 options.


First, please make sure that the computer is utilizing a proper GPU and the drivers are up to date..

You can check to see what graphics processor your computer is using by: Windows 10 - Display Settings->Advanced Display Settings->Display Adapter Properties

Check the "Adapter Type" your computer is using.  It should be either an Nvidia or AMD card.  If it shows Intel graphics it means your computer is not utilizing a dedicated video card, which is required.

If it shows a video card, click the "Properties" button, then go to the 'Driver' tab and check the "Driver Date".  Make sure it is recent, usually within the past few months is good.  If it is older you will want to go the manufacturer's website and download the latest driver for the card.

If the video card is being utilized and the driver is up to date, you can check the "Targeting Pixel Tolerance" under File > Preferences > Interface.  The default setting is "5".  Lower values make it more exact, but harder to click.  Higher values make it less exact, but easier to click.